Are penis pills worth a shot? (in summary NO!)

Many men tend to take pills or massage lotions to find a better sex life to cope with this fear. To surprise, most of these pills are not regulated by Food and Drug Administration, so you are not sure what chemicals are integrated into them. These pills and lotions claim unreal changes and, in last, offer great cry little wool. People spend a hefty amount of money on these pills and get nothing but energy supplements, which if taken in excess can be harmful.  In contrast, many penile extenders have shown appreciable change and are entirely safe, unlike pills and surgeries. Here are few enlisted products which can turn your money into satisfying change.

1-The quick extender pro

Quick extender pro is one of the well-known products in the market of penis extender. This extender lengthens the penis length and improves the penile curvature. Due to this, It can also be indicated in Peyronie’s disease–curved erection. It can correct mild to severe penile curvature. This extender offers a double strap system(DSS) which features two medical-grade silicon tubes providing a secure position to both the penis shaft and head. QEP also offers guaranteed privacy, which means no hesitation from others knowing your personal life. Compared to other penis extenders in the market, QEP offers the best and guaranteed results in three months. This makes QEP a more efficient option when compared to others. Furthermore, the success rate of this extender is high in contrast with other local extenders in town,

Unlike other local extenders, QEP can be worn anywhere without making prominence on your pants. Order now and kick all your worries, whether at home or office. Here are some key takeaways about the QEP:

How it works: Uses DSS system for penile traction

User-guide: Present

Authenticity of device: CE type 1 certified

Tension produced: 3000-4000 g tension

Guarantee: Offers money-back guarantee for six months


SizeGenetics penis extender is one of the hot-picks in the penis extender marathon. This clinically tested penis extender uses a penile traction mechanism that maintains the length and curvature of your phallus. Designed by (Multidirectional angling) MDA, this extender makes its use comfortable and durable for a more extended period of time. This extender is made up of hypoallergic medical synthetics, which are lightweight and cannot cause any pain. This helpful device not only helps lengthen the normal-sized penis but can also help in improving the micro syndrome.

So, whether you are looking for micro syndrome remedies or just want to gain full confidence in bed, this all-in-one device can help you rejoice every part of healthy intercourse. Following are the key takeaways for you at a glance.

How it works: penile traction fundamentals

User-guide: Present

Authenticity of device: CE and FDA approved

Tension produced: 2800 g

Guarantee: Offers a money-back guarantee

3-Phallosan forte

Like its name, Phallosan forte can enhance the potency of your penis and can bring your sex life back into action. Unlike another extender in the market, this extender works by creating a vacuum, which exerts pressure on the phallus. The vacuum pressure can be controlled by the valve, which is being supplemented with the device.

Talking about the perks of having this device is the Application that comes along with Phallosan forte. The Application is widely available at App stores to help achieve your goals quicker and before time. It includes a guided training plan, wearing time measurement and measurement of length, etc. Just download the app, and you are good to go. The key takeaways are:

How it works: Generating traction force by creating vacuum

User-guide: Present

Authenticity of device: CE approved

The force produced: 0,88 lb – 6,61 lb

Guarantee: Offers money-back guarantee for 14 days

Buying a penis extender can be hectic since there are dozen of them in the market. It depends on personal preferences like the price range, how they work and what they have to offer. Your decision to buy can be assisted by the testimonials and reviews that are present online. It’s always better to hear other reviews since this device would be attached to the penis- the organ that signifies manhood.

Best Penis Extenders in the Market

Penis extension is one of the most concerned topics of manhood, yet the least discussed one. Most men don’t discuss it because of how many cross-questions they can face from society. However, on the other hand, not talking about it can raise anxiety. According to research, twenty-seven percent of women reportedly ended their relationship due to the mismatch between their partner penis size and their penis size preference. Many women cited that the penis was too small! This fear of not being capable enough to satisfy your partner raises worry and distress for men.